Welcome to Spirit of Recovery Ministries

Welcome to Spirit of Recovery Ministries

Welcome to Spirit of Recovery Ministries Welcome to Spirit of Recovery Ministries Welcome to Spirit of Recovery Ministries

 "Under His Wings Mercy House"

Psalms 91 

Transitional Program & 

Recovery Housing

Bradenton, Florida

About Us

Three Directions of Mission

"Reaching Up"  Foundation: Serving God by serving others through love made possible by relationship with Jesus Christ and action powered by the Holy Spirit.

"Reaching In"  Purpose: Reaching into institutions and facilities by teaching individuals where they are. Reaching into homes for guidance in healthy relationships.  Reaching into communities preparing the willing for purpose and belonging.

"Reaching Out"  Provision: Reaching out to partner with churches, agencies, corporations and others who are willing to help meet the needs of individuals, families and communities by providing  resources and provisions.

Under His Wings Mercy House


Mercy House is a Transitional Program & Recovery Home

Our Home provide a safe and structured environment to learn and grow. Counseling and mentorship is provided and encouraged. Individuals are required to seek employment to help support themselves. Working a program of recovery to stay clean & sober is also required. Participation in household chores, activities, house meetings, outside recovery meetings and church is mandatory.

We are located in Bradenton , Florida

In Bradenton we are centrally located, close to the downtown area in a well-kept neighborhood near U.S.41 and Cortez Rd. Our home is close to bus stops, restaurants, shopping areas, recovery meetings and other amenities that provide convenience for outside activities. Our home is  clean, and located in secluded and quiet neighborhoods.

Our Staff is experienced and compassionate

Our Staff has a heart for the addict and alcoholic. We all have been touched by someone in addiction. Most, if not all of our staff is in recovery as well. We know by personal experience what it takes to get clean, stay clean and live a productive sober life.

Faith, Connection and 12 Step Programs

Our homes are grounded by trusting in the Lord with the connection and guidance offered by 12 Step programs.  We integrate the programs of AA, NA and AL-Anon.  We also participate in 12-step bible studies and attend church. As a client you are required to attend meetings, obtain a sponsor, work the steps, and practice the spiritual principals of recovery.

Can you do both faith and recovery?  We believe  Bill Wilson was divinely inspired by God and The Oxford Group in the conception of " The AA Program", and that it is based upon spiritual principals. This combination provides the ability to walk through life with the power provided by knowing Jesus Christ and having the  guidance of the Holy Spirit. We ask our clients to keep an open mind and decide for themselves. 

Contact Us

Please contact us through this website, or by phone. We are happy to get back to you with more information or to answer any questions.

Contact Us

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Spirit of Recovery Ministries


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